The Coryfee Convertable
The Coryfee Convertable
The Coryfee Convertable
The Coryfee Convertable
The Coryfee Convertable
The Coryfee Convertable
The Coryfee Convertable
The Coryfee Convertable

The Coryfee Convertable

Regular price $140.00

Our Coryfee Convertible Halter is a new take on the classic grooming halter. Snaps attach to each cheek and under the chin. Convert from regular halter to grooming halter without switching to 3/4" leather. What could be better than two halters in one? 


  • Crafted with 1" triple-layered Havana leather
  • Beautiful white triple stitching
  • Easily converts to a grooming halter
  • Solid brass hardware

Production Time: 

  • Halters are handmade to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipment. If in stock, will ship out in one week. 


  • We recommend purchasing our single-layered Replacement Crown Piece if you wish to use your RLG halter for turn-out. All of our halters are breakaways, but the leather has multiple layers and may not break as easily. 
  • Customize your halter with a personalized nameplate!
 Size Crown Cheeks Chin/Muzzle Throat Throat to Chin
Yearling 21" 6.5" 26" 12"(14" w/clip) 5"
Large Pony 21" 7.5" 26" 12"(14" w/clip) 5"
Cob 26" 7.5" 27" 13"(15" w/clip) 6"
Horse/Full 27" 8" 29.5" 14"(16" w/clip) 6"
Oversize 28" 8.5" 32" 15"(17" w/clip) 6"


For Custom Halters:

Cheek Measurement


Cheek measurements start on a downward angle away from the horse's eye and ends one finger length below the facial tuberosity. This is an exact measurement as it is length down the face and not width. Input the exact measurement into the custom measurement box when ordering.

Muzzle measurement


Muzzle measurement starts two finger lengths below the facial tuberosity, around the entire length of the muzzle. Unlike the cheeks, this is not an exact measurement since the leather does not sit taut on a horse's face. Add 4" for a fitted look or 5" for a looser look.

Crown measurements


Crown measurements start where the buckle is pictured to the opposite side buckle. Add 8" to your measurement.

Stay tuned for custom measurement video tutorials. Measurements entered into custom fields under products will be taken to production after ordering. Each piece of leather is cut to order and cannot be lengthened after order, only shortened, if needed. Please triple check your measurements before ordering.

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