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Photo by The United States Eventing Association

 Ema is an International 5* event rider based out of Maryland, representing Australia. Ema was the youngest rider to complete the Land Rover Kentucky 5* Event in 2021. Ema manages a string of extremely talented horses climbing the eventing levels, while also being a full-time student at GW Law. Remarkable Leather Goods is proud to sponsor, Ema Klugman! You can follow Ema on Instagram @ema.klugman



Photo by Tina Fitch Photography 

Photo by Tess Michelle Photography
Britt Sabbah is an Amateur USDF Silver Medalist and CCI* eventer from California. Britt owns two ponies, Ricky and Louie. Remarkable Leather Goods is proud to sponsor, Britt Sabbah! You can follow Britt on Instagram @brittsabbah
Grace Wilson is a junior rider based out of Brookwood Stables in Bedford, NY. Grace has a string of successful horses competing in the Junior Hunters and Big Eq. Remarkable Leather Goods is proud to sponsor Grace Wilson. You can find Grace on Instagram at @gwequinellc.
Maddie Houser is an Amateur Dressage rider based in Texas. Maddie recently retired her upper level dressage mount, Leah, and purchased a western pleasure Quarter Horse, Knight Ryde, that she has transformed into her new dressage mount. Remarkable Leather Goods is proud to sponsor Maddie Houser and Ryder. You can follow their journey on Instagram @theblondeandthebay_.



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