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Photo by The United States Eventing Association

 Ema is an International 5* event rider based out of Maryland, representing Australia. Ema recently completed the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event on her long-time mount, Bendigo. Ema manages a string of extremely talented horses climbing the eventing levels, while also being a full-time student at GW Law. Remarkable Leather Goods is proud to sponsor, Ema Klugman! You can follow Ema on Instagram @ema.klugman



Photo by Tina Fitch Photography 

Photo by Tess Michelle Photography
Britt Sabbah is an Amateur USDF Silver Medalist and CCI* eventer from California. Britt owns two ponies, Ricky and Louie. Remarkable Leather Goods is proud to sponsor, Britt Sabbah! You can follow Britt on Instagram @brittsabbah
Grace Wilson is a junior rider based out of Brookwood Stables in Bedford, NY. Grace has a string of successful horses competing in the Junior Hunters and Big Eq. Remarkable Leather Goods is proud to sponsor Grace Wilson. You can find Grace on Instagram at @gwequinellc.

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