Remarkable and I. Photo by Evelyn Szczepanek Photography.

Hi there! I'm Olivia, the owner and founder of Remarkable Leather Goods. I am a lifelong equestrian with a background in eventing and hunter breeding. The name Remarkable Leather Goods is coined after my heart horse, Remarkable. When her first foal, Lovestruck, was born via Embryo Transfer out of my surrogate mare, Coryfee, I wanted to find the perfect triple stitch leather halter to fit her. After researching comparable models already on the market, I decided to design my own.

My goal is to create as small of a carbon footprint as possible. Our halters are handmade in the United States with locally sourced leather. Our machines do not use power and every piece of leather is cut by hand. 

We pride ourselves on using 100% recycled or post-consumer recycled goods. That being said, shipping is vital and cannot be avoided, which is why we need your help to pay it forward! Reuse our packaging to send an item or checkout your State/County requirements for recycling and do what you can. Any effort made towards reusing and recycling our packaging is greatly appreciated.

Because of your support, we've expanded far beyond what I could have ever imagined. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. When you shop RLG, you're supporting a horse girl's dream!

The Horses of RLG

 Left to Right: Remarkable and Lovestruck (2021)

 Photo by Evelyn Szczepanek Photography.

Left to right: Coryfee, Lovestruck, Remarkable. Photo by Evelyn Szczepanek Photography.


Left to right: Coryfee, Lovestruck, Remarkable (2020) 

Photo by Evelyn Szczepanek Photography.