The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case
The Fern Hill Phone Case

The Fern Hill Phone Case

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All Belts & Phone Cases are only guaranteed in six colors!!! Those colors are: Black, Havana, Chestnut, Burgundy, Navy, and Emerald!

We do have other colors available in limited quantities. Please contact us if there is a specific color/size you are looking for.


The Fern Hill Phone Case is crafted with premium leather and detailed with fancy stitching. It fits your largest cell phone and features a card slot for convenience. With an extensive color list, you can get the perfect style to match your bridle belt and even add an optional nameplate for a personalized touch.


  • Premium leather, cut from the same hides as the Bridle Belt 
  • Fancy Stitched to match the Bridle Belt 
  • DIscreet, slot card holder 
  • Double Magnet closure on the front 
  • Space to add a personalized nameplate
  • Solid Brass or Stainless Steel hardware 
  • External posterior leather flap with two snaps to attach and remove your belt with ease 
  • Designed for every cell phone size (yes, even the big Samsung/Android phones!) 


  • Solid Brass or Solid Nickel Nameplates. It is recommended to match your nameplate metal to your hardware.
  • If the first line of your nameplate has a hanging letter (g, y, p, j) we can only engrave in all caps. Otherwise the hanging letter will bleed into line two. This only applies if there are two lines. 
  • We CAN do different fonts for nameplates. For example, we can do the top line in script and the second line in block. BUT, we really prefer to not do script font with symbols - it just doesn't look right
  • Please type your nameplate the exact way you would like it to appear. If all caps, type "REMARKABLE", if mixed case, type "Remarkable. Nameplates are created at time of ordering, so please triple check your spelling prior to purchasing. Nameplates are non-refundable. 

Production Time:

  • We stock a few colors regularly (all black, all havana), otherwise, each bag is handmade to order, which incurs a 2-5 week lead time

Questions, comments? Email us directly,



 Size Crown Cheeks Chin/Muzzle Throat Throat to Chin
Mini 16" 4.5" 16.25" 9.5" 3.75"
Yearling 22" 6.5" 26" 12"(14" w/clip) 5"
Large Pony 22" 7.5" 26" 12"(14" w/clip) 5"
Cob 24" 7.5" 27" 13"(15" w/clip) 6"
Horse/Full 26" 8" 29.5" 14"(16" w/clip) 6"
Oversize 28" 8.5" 32" 15"(17" w/clip) 6"



Measurement US Women Sizing
Extra Small
22"-26" 00-0
26"-30" 2-4
30"-34" 6-8
34"-38" 10-12
Extra Large
38"-42" 14-16
Extra Extra Large
42"-46" 18-20
Extra Extra Extra Large 46"-50" 22-24


If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up!

 Need a larger size? We can 100% accommodate any size LARGER or SMALLER than our XS-XXXL sizing. Just send us an email,


Extra Small
Extra Large



We can 100% accommodate sizes LARGER than our XL size. Just send us an email and we'll make it happen,


 Size Sizing Equivalent
4 XS
6 S
8 M
10 L
This sizing line for training tops does not touch the surface of sizing that we would like to offer in the future. We are currently working on more size-inclusive merchandise.
For Custom Halters:
Cheek Measurement


Cheek measurements start on a downward angle away from the horse's eye and ends one finger length below the facial tuberosity. This is an exact measurement as it is length down the face and not width. Input the exact measurement into the custom measurement box when ordering.

Muzzle measurement


Muzzle measurement starts two finger lengths below the facial tuberosity, around the entire length of the muzzle. Unlike the cheeks, this is not an exact measurement since the leather does not sit taut on a horse's face. Add 4" for a fitted look or 5" for a looser look.

Crown measurements
Crown measurements start where the buckle is pictured to the opposite side buckle. Add 8" to your measurement.

Stay tuned for custom measurement video tutorials. Measurements entered into custom fields under products will be taken to production after ordering. Each piece of leather is cut to order and cannot be lengthened after order, only shortened, if needed. Please triple check your measurements before ordering.

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