Our Adjustable Remarkable halter features the same classic look as our Remarkable Original, with a single-layered adjustable chin strap and buckle. Perfect for our growing or petite muzzled horses out there. 


All of our halters come standard with 1" triple-layered havana leather, white triple stitching, and brass or stainless steel (with black leather) hardware. 


All of our halters are offered at base sizing. If your horse doesn't quite fit into one size, please take advantage of our custom sizing option (i.e. add 1" of length to each cheek, etc). Base sizing measurements can be found in our sizing section. 


*Note: We recommend purchasing our single-layered crown piece if you wish to use your RLG halter for turn out. All of our halters are breakways, but the leather has multiple layers and may not break as easily. 

The Adjustable Remarkable

Havana with white stitching
  • Oversized (Crown: 28"; Cheeks: 8"; Chin/Muzzle: 32"; Throat: 15", with clip: 17"; Throat to chin: 6")

    Horse (Crown: 27"; Cheeks: 7"; Chin/Muzzle: 29.5"; Throat: 14", with clip" 16"; Throat to chin: 6")

    Cob (Crown: 26"; Cheeks: 7.5"; Chin/Muzzle: 27"; Throat: 13", with clip: 15"; Throat to chin: 6")

    Large Pony (Crown: 21"; Cheeks: 7.5"; Chin/Muzzle: 26"; Throat: 12", with clip 14"; Throat to chin: 5")

    Yearling (Crown: 21"; Cheeks: 6.5"; Chin/Muzzle: 26"; Throat: 12", with clip: 14"; Throat to chin: 5")

  • Upon product arrival, we recommend oiling all leather products. Want to do it the RLG way? Soak your new halter for 24 hours in a sealable bag with 1/4 cup of warm olive oil. Follow up with your favorite leather conditioner and leather balsam. NOTE: White stitching experiences slight color change after being oiled. 



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